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USB Reading Lamp with 2 LED Lights and Flexible Gooseneck - Two Brightness Settings and On/Off Switch (White)

i2 Gear

  • Features - This USB Keyboard Light is 12" in length and has bright LEDs with two steps of adjustable illumination controlled by a switch located behind the light bulb panel
  • Design - Flexible gooseneck arm is 8.5" in length and will bring light to your favorite position and is a USB powered lamp so no batteries are required
  • Compatibility - This USB lamp is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 and connects to your Type A USB port on your PC laptop, Desk top, Mac, Net book, Chromebook, Surface, HP and many more
  • Use - This USB reading light can light up your keyboard or monitor and can be used at home, in the office or while on the road
  • Portable - This bendable led light is lightweight at 1 oz and can be folded and carried in a pocket, hand bag or backpack
USB Reading Lamp. This computer laptop LED light is perfect for anyone who needs a little reading light now and then. It works great as a computer light or laptop light while at home, work, travel or recreation. The flex arm extends to shed light just where you need it! This works great as a substitute for non backlit key boards. Features - This reliable computer lamp features a goose neck arm with LED lights, On / Off switch and adjustable brightness settings. The sensitive quick touch light switch features three settings - On One Light, On Two Lights, Off. No batteries required. Design - This USB keyboard lamp is designed with a flexible goose neck which allows you to direct light to your keyboard or in any direction. Compatibility - This LED lamp is compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports on your laptop, net book, PC, or vehicle. Use - This USB LED computer light has multiple uses. It can be used at home while reading in the bedroom, living room, coffee table, kitchen or home desk study. You can also use it in the office for additional keyboard light, bedside, while traveling on an airplane, coffee shop or other remote location day or night. We don't recommend you connect this lamp to device ports on printers, TVs, smart chairs, and other non-host USB devices.

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