i2 Gear

i2 Gear USB Reading Lamp with 14 LEDs Dimmable Touch Switch and Flexible Gooseneck for Laptops and Desktops (20 inches, Black)

i2 Gear

  • This USB reading lamp features a frosted lens for a balanced soft warm light distribution and an On Off touch dimmer with low, medium and high illumination level settings
  • The flexible gooseneck arm can be adjusted to bring light to your favorite position and can be used to light up your keyboard, monitor or to provide task lighting
  • This led lamp is USB powered and is compatible with type A USB ports on your MAC, PC laptop or desktop - Please note this lamp is not compatible with USB-C ports and the lamp must be plugged into a Type A USB port with USB power in order to operate
  • This USB light is great for work, home, remote, travel, study or office use
  • This bendable light is portable, lightweight. It can be easily folded and carried in a pocket or hand bag.

This reading lamp is perfect for anyone who needs a little reading light now and then. This reliable light features a flexible gooseneck arm with frosted LED light panel, On / Off touch switch and type A USB port. It features three adjustable brightness settings and is powered by your computers USB port. The flexible neck can be adjusted in any direction and is coated with a thick silicon shell. This light is compatible with type A ports on your laptop or desktop. This handy light can be used at home, in the office or while traveling. It also works great as a computer light or laptop light for keyboards that do have a backlight. We do not recommend you connect this lamp to device ports on portable desks, printers, Smart TVs, Smart Chairs, and other non-host USB devices. Helpful tips: Your type A USB port must provide USB power in order for this lamp to operate. Please make sure your USB port is set to provide line power. In some cases this option can be set to off. Also, please note this lamp is not compatible with USB-C ports. Some newer netbook, mac and other micro laptops are not using type A USB external plug in connectors so please check to see if you have the correct Type A USB port.


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